"I started my career at Wattex in 1980 as an assistant in the finance department. Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to expand my job content with a wide variety of tasks. At the moment you can find me at the reception desk where I make sure that the incoming calls are always redirected to the right person.

I also support both our sales and transportation departments with their administration and bookings. The challenging job, our nice colleagues and the fact that it is close to my home contribute to the fine working place in which you get lots of opportunities for further development."



"I joined Wattex in 2005 as a maintenance electrician, responsible for the electrical maintenance and repairs of the machine park. I was offered several training opportunities to complete my technical skills, which led to enhanced responsibilities for both electrical as well as mechanical maintenance.

Wattex is a family company that values mutual respect and a good working atmosphere. The collective holiday arrangements are also a perfect fit for my family life."



"I started as a lab technician. Soon I was asked to join the teasel production team in a 3-shift system. 3 years later I became foreman with full team responsibility to ensure a smooth production process.

Here at Wattex, there is optimal focus on people’s capabilities and growth potential. They truly pay attention to all questions and expectations of the workforce. Holiday and overtime recuperation can be flexible, obviously always in accordance with the planning supervisor. Personally, I see Wattex as a nice company to work for, and in which there is always room for good laugh. It is a stable company with guaranteed employment."



"Wattex has been investing massively in innovation lately. In 2015 they started with the construction of a new manufacturing hall in which a new oven was installed one year later. Since November 2016 a new production line incorporating latest technology has been operational. There is a lot of technical stuff going on here!

As a maintenance responsible, I supervise the whole maintenance team on a daily basis, in order to get the work done as efficiently as possible. It is my responsibility to have all spare parts and tools available, as well as to create a safe working environment. In short: a fascinating job in a family owned company, in which we are always looking for motivated and technically skilled personnel."



"I am working at the end of the production process. The membrane arrives on big rolls, is chemically treated and passes through the oven. The end product is a rigid membrane which is ready for use in the bitumen industry.

I started my career operating the old oven where hot temperatures and heavy physical labour were part of the daily job. This old oven was decommissioned in 2016, and I am proud to say that after an intensive training period, I have been contributing to the startup of the new oven applying the latest technology. Meanwhile I have become a foreman, responsible for delivering a qualitative end product. It is a challenging job in a dynamic company, in which everybody gets opportunities to learn new things."



"A mixing operator fulfills an important function in the production process. I am part of a team that ensures a correct mix of raw materials and a timely internal delivery to the right teasel (production line). Every customer requires its own mix: fibre nature, weight and length are customer specific. Our mix quality has to be perfect.

I take care of the transport of the raw materials, as well as of operating the machine. This variety of tasks makes my job very enjoyable. Here at Wattex we always train and support our new colleagues to ensure a full integration as operator."



"I am responsible for purchasing since December 2015. I buy almost everything: from office supplies and machine parts to raw materials for production. One of my most important tasks is to negotiate with companies from all over the world.

My daily jobs embeds following up of purchase orders, planning of the inbound containers, keeping stock of raw materials and matching the payable invoices with the purchase orders. I am very happy that Wattex has given me this opportunity, despite my young age. I have a challenging and diversified job with lots of responsibilities. It is also comfortably close to my home."



"At Wattex I am proud of helping to produce a quality product. I know what is expected from me, and I can fullfil mys tasks independently. The foreman is always around on the shopfloor and helps out where necessary. You never have the feeling you are on your own. I can also call our technicians for technical issues.

I am part of a nice group; there are regular parties and gatherings to strengthen the team spirit amongst the colleagues. I very much like the sponsorship for new hires or internal moves and I am fascinated to see how new colleagues can discover the production process. Also, I live close to the plant, which is ideal for me and my family."



"For over 8 years I have been maintaining the machine park, both preventively as well as on breakdowns.

Obviously I do not do this on my own, but together with my nice colleagues. I can always count on them. I can also turn to my supervisors for help whenever necessary. They really appreciate my work. I have a diversified job in a good working atmosphere. Moreover, there is a correct remuneration package with lots of benefits."



"I have been working in a 3 shift system at Wattex for more than 10 years. My job as operator is very diversified. Quality and efficiency are my responsibility: I have to make sure that the machine always remains operational. To this extent, I perform visual quality checks, replete the spools, keep production records, perform small maintenance on my machine, tidy up the workfloor, etc...

Our ideas and suggestions are always considered. I have been involved in the startup of the new production line, and have been able to make use of my experience to look for improvements. No numbers here, every employee is equally important."



"After the agreed interim period, I was offered a fixed contract at Wattex. I am responsible for the maintenance of the needle boards. These are an important part of the production line.

Broken and worn needles are removed manually, and replaced by new ones. This has to happen with precision. I am never bored in my job. I am employed in a fixed early shift, which is ideal for my work-life balance."



"As lab coordinator, I work closely together with our production team. Every production phase requires its own samplings and quality controls. These range from visual checks to performing different tests. It is very important that these results can be communicated back quickly and correctly.

Together with the lab responsible, I make sure that every customer receives an end product that complies with the expected quality. I work in a 2 shift system; in agreement with my supervisor, I can change shifts if necessary. This kind of flexibility is very much appreciated. Wattex is a family owned company in which everybody respects each other."



"Being the youngest employee in the company, I am very proud that I got the opportunity to develop myself as an operator. Despite my young age, I was immediately accepted in the group and people have patiently transferred their skills to me. Beside the jokes and laughter, we are always helping each other out.

During busy periods, we have the opportunity to perform overtime. These extras are always welcome. To me, Wattex is a company that offers training for young and old, in which open communication is important and everybody really cares for each other."



"Together with my colleagues, I am responsible for the fully automated end phase: the oven. My diversified job embeds lots of tasks: forklift work, roll, unroll, etc... There are different career opportunities and many trainings.

The shift system offers lots of flexibility and variation, I like that. It provides the necessary diversity, but also allows for a good organization of your personal life. Of course I take my colleagues into account and vice versa. All team members have the right attitude and mutual trust. I hope that our future colleague is also a team player. Someone who is eager to learn, flexible and looks for solutions, together with us. Our passion and technical skills will help us build a great future, for us and Wattex."




Wattex, leader in technological innovation...


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